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Personal training is great for people who need help to stay motivated to lose weight, get fit, and tone up. Our personal trainers work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.

Stones Corner Health & Fitness has a private, personal training studio in Stones Corner not far from Brisbane CBD on the south-side. We will match you with a personal trainer that will suit your exercise and fitness level, as well as measure your improvements along the way. We also show you how to complete each and every exercise to ensure your body is getting the best out of each activity. Let’s face it – if you are putting in the effort to exercise, then you really should ensure you’re using the right muscles so that you achieve your goals sooner.

Many of our existing clients have come to us to lose weight, recover from injury, improve body shape and to get fit – often prior to big events in their life such as an upcoming wedding, a school reunion, or their doctor has told them they need to get fitter.

If you tell us your motivation of why you would like to join our personal training studio, we’ll help you stay focused, get results and achieve your goals. Make a change for the better in your life today.


One on one

We understand that different individuals have different preferences and training styles. That’s why we offer flexible options to suit your needs. If you prefer individualised attention, our 1:1 personal training sessions are perfect for you. Working closely with your personal trainer, you’ll receive customized workouts, focused guidance, and ongoing support to help you reach your fitness goals efficiently.

Small Group

For those who enjoy the camaraderie of a training partner or a small group, we also offer 2:1 personal training and small group sessions. These sessions allow you to share the experience and motivation with a friend or a small group of like-minded individuals, while still benefiting from the expertise of our personal trainers. You’ll enjoy a supportive and encouraging environment as you work towards your fitness objectives together.


With both indoor and outdoor facilities & we have something for everyone! Our indoor studio features polished wood floors we 3 separate rooms, utilising a combination of gym workout machines, dumbells, barbells & functional equipment. 

Our outdoor training space utilize some different equipment with sledge hammers, tires, dumbells, barbells, battle ropes & more. If you’ve never used this kind of equipment before than don’t fear, our friendly trainers will help you!

If you’re looking to head to work or a dinner after your session we offer male & female toilets & 1 shared shower. 


What happens,

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