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personal training

Are you in search of a PRIVATE PT STUDIO that feels like home? Look no further! At SC Health & Fitness, we cater to everyday people who are eager to add FITNESS to their LIFESTYLE and experience a healthier and more vibrant life each day. Wether you’re looking for 1:1 Training, 2:1, Small Group Training or 12 Week Transformation Challenges, we have a package to suit your lifestyle and budget.


We prioritise your care and well-being. Our experienced physiotherapists provide attentive and thorough treatment to ensure you receive the personalised attention you deserve. Our longer session durations allow us to focus on hands-on treatment and self-management strategies, delivering faster and more effective results. We pride ourselves on personalised consultations that target your specific injuries and pain management. With expert “hands-on” treatment, exercise therapy, and sports management advice, we are dedicated to improving your overall well-being

Group fitness

Are you ready to join a dynamic group training fitness class where you can achieve your goals of losing weight, toning up, and looking great? We prioritise not only the external transformations but also the internal ones. Our classes are designed to help you feel good about yourself and your health from the inside out. Join us and experience the power of small group training as we work together towards your fitness aspirations.

additional health services

shockwave therapy

This treatment is highly recommended for tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, rotator cuff tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis. It may also help with bursitis in the shoulder/hip and chronic back pain. Shockwave Therapy uses an acoustic wave to penetrate as deep as layers of tendon and bursa to disrupt the tissue and create a new healing effect. To see if shockwave therapy is suitable for your injury feel free to give us a call or book an initial physiotherapy consultation.

post-operative rehabilitation

Rehabilitation includes exercises and progression of exercise with increased functionality, return to work and sport planning, hands on treatment as needed for reduced swelling, increased range of motion, decreased pain and more. To start your post-op rehab please book an initial physiotherapy consultation. 

high performance rehab

Following a work place injury and workers compensation recommendations our experienced Physiotherapists with dual degrees in Exercise Science can take you through your program to rehabilitate back to your normal work duties. With a fully equipped gym available as well as Reformer Pilates and Crossover Symmetry, we have everything you need to restore you to your full health. To start your rehab journey please book an initial physiotherapy consultation. 

Our nutrition coaches will provide you with practical strategies and guidance to make sustainable changes to your eating habits. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy levels, manage weight, enhance athletic performance, or address specific nutritional concerns, our team will empower you with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

clinical pilates

Clinical Reformer Pilates is a rehab method that combines traditional Pilates exercises with the clinical knowledge of a trained musculoskeletal physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates takes an individualized approach to rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates classes or one-on-one sessions can help with the treatment and prevention of pain and injuries.

dry needling

Dry needling is used to treat pain and reduce muscle tightness/spasms in acute and chronic pain or injury. We may also use this type of therapy to assist in the reduction of swelling post-injury (surround the dragon), or to help assist in muscle recovery after an intense training session (or several).

Compression recovery

Dry needling is used to treat pain and reduce muscle tightness/spasms in acute and chronic pain or injury. We may also use this type of therapy to assist in the reduction of swelling post-injury (surround the dragon), or to help assist in muscle recovery after an intense training session (or several). Please call us to book Compression Recovery.

Your health,
our commitment.

At Stones Corner Health & Fitness, we’re a one-stop-shop for all your wellness needs, incorporating physiotherapy, personal training and group fitness to help you move, feel and live better.

We believe in providing high-quality, personalised care tailored to your individual needs. Our patient-centered approach means we put your well-being first and remove any barriers that may prevent you from seeking care.

Formerly known as Ak Physiotherapy, Xcentuate PT, and The Wrecking Yard, our newly merged business brings together over 25 years of experience in Physiotherapy, Group Fitness, and Personal Training. Trust us with your health and fitness goals, and let us guide you on your transformative journey.


At Stones Corner Health and Fitness, we take pride in our personalized consultations that focus on improving your injuries and pain management. Our dedicated team of physiotherapists provides attentive and thorough care, ensuring you receive the individual attention you deserve. With our “hands-on” treatment approach and expert advice in exercise therapy and sports management, you can expect faster, more effective results. Our longer sessions prioritize both hands-on treatment and self-management techniques, setting us apart from other clinics. Experience the difference with Stones Corner Health and Fitness.


Personal Training continues to be a pillar of our fitness offerings since beginning in 2003. Our private PT studio creates a home-like atmosphere, ensuring your comfort as you embark on your fitness journey. Our experienced trainers have successfully helped countless individuals lose weight, tone up, build muscle, and improve overall fitness. Join our supportive community and experience the transformative power of personalised training.

Group fitness.

Stones Corner Health and Fitness is more than just a gym. We are a community dedicated to helping you lose weight, tone up, look great, and, most importantly, feel good internally about yourself and your health. Our holistic approach encompasses physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall self-care. Discover the confidence and vitality that come with a healthier lifestyle.

Take the first step towards a better you by exploring our website. Discover how Stones Corner Health and Fitness can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. Contact us today and join a community that is committed to your success. It’s time to unlock your full potential and embrace a life of vibrant health and fitness.